North Boulder (NOBO) Community Class

Teacher - Didem Ergin

Nobo Community Class - Sundays 10:00 AM - 11:15 AM • 75 Minutes

This class is open to all levels. All you need is a body and a willingness to expand your heart.

We practice an alignment based yoga which keeps our bodies safe. With the help of an attentive teacher, you will learn how to stabilize your joints, stretch and strengthen your muscles, and breathe properly. The class is designed to take you on an inner journey in your body from your feet, knees, and all the way to the top to your neck. Some nights we practice very basic poses, some nights we go over certain poses, and practice restorative yoga poses to calm your nervous system down. We always practice 10 min guided meditation at the end of class. Great way to learn how to meditate.

Come and join us if you are tired of serious work-out style classes, if you need a community to support you, if you want to learn how to meditate and chill out.

    •    Find ease from chronic pain and get out of discomfort, move your body freely and safely, and enhance recovery from an injury.
    •    Improved posture and and increased your flexibility.
    •    Improve your life quality so that you can live the active lifestyle Boulder offers. Find mental clarity and sleep better, learn to practice self-care.
    •    Learn powerful tools such as meditation and proper breathing to survive in our stressful daily lives
    •    Get to meet with your local community.

Open to all age groups and no experience required.

Drop-In: $20
5 Class Pass: $18 per class ($90)