Julie Rothschild

Alexander Technique • Dance
Owner of FloorSpace 


photo by True Mama Collective, LLC

photo by True Mama Collective, LLC

Julie Rothschild. Dancer, Choreographer, Alexander Technique Teacher and Movement Educator. Currently dances and creates with Chicken Bank Collective. Owns FloorSpace Studio. Co-Curates CLOSE LOOK with Meg Madorin. Makes little dance films to both remember and share her ideas. Ever a curious student of movement forms and philosophies. Mother of boys. Grew up coast to coast as well as on a berry farm in Ohio. Still loves fresh raspberries more than any other food.

Molly Kittle

Alexander Technique
FloorSpace Studio Administrator

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As a teacher, musician, and artist, Molly’s mission is to empower her students and clients with tools to find ease, depth, and freedom in any activity. During her undergraduate and postgraduate studies where she majored in Vocal Performance, Molly encountered the Alexander work. Not only was she inspired by the vocal and expressive freedom she found as a result of studying the technique, she also discovered her passion for working with musicians and serving others through this innovative method.

Molly is currently a Contemporary Alexander Alliance Teacher and teaches private lessons at Floorspace Studio in Boulder, CO. An ardent advocate of classical music, Molly also spends her time as Webmaster and volunteer with the Boulder Symphony. She also is a freelance singer. Incredibly passionate about movement education and consciousness, Molly strives to connect people to their own greater potential and unique expression.   

Nancy Rao • ND, LAc

Turtle Qi Gong


Nancy first came to yoga in the 1970’s in high school.  She continued her own yoga practice and in Naturopathic school also studied with a Tai Chi master.  While in Acupuncture school she took her first Qi Gong classes.  Nancy has completed Ashtanga yoga teacher training with Richard Freeman in Boulder, CO in 2001.  Since 2002 she has been studying with the Liu family through Ling Gui International Healing Qi Gong School, and is a certified Ling Gui instructor.

Nancy brings her extensive background of these disciplines, as well as her experience as a practicing Naturopathic doctor and Acupuncturist to her teaching of Qi Gong.  She thoroughly enjoys teaching and feels it is through group teaching and practice that her own life is healed and enriched.


Therapeutic Yoga Practice

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De West is a leader in the Boulder, Colorado yoga community and her over 25 years of teaching combines yoga therapy with alignment principles. She is a Certified Yoga Therapist with the International Yoga Therapists Association since 2007 and a member of the Yoga Alliance since 2005. De is the founder of Be Center and she teaches Therapeutic Yoga Practice classes and privates at Floorspace Studio in Boulder, CO.

The unique therapeutic yoga practice that De has developed is a movement practice that allows people of all ages and abilities to experience a positive, relaxed and transforming experience in both body and mind. Precision, creative sequencing and deep understanding of anatomy contribute to De’s passion for helping students create more peace and freedom in their bodies and minds. Students leave De’s classes rejuvenated, grounded and infused with a sense of personal and physical empowerment. 

She started practicing yoga after a biking accident that left her with multiple injuries. She found ways to touch the pain in her body and to heal misalignments. Many master teachers have informed her yoga therapy practice and her over 8 years of working with osteopathic doctors in pain clinics. After teaching many intensive athletic-style practices, she discovered that her students seemed to get even more benefits from a quieter, deeply internal and therapeutic yoga practice.

Didem Ergin


Yoga Therapy • Basic Yoga Series
Restorative Yoga • Align & Shine Yoga

I have an intimate relationship with chronic pain and anxiety. They made me compassionate towards others in pain.

Between my teenage years until early 30s, I suffered from chronic shoulder and back pain. I sought medicinal solutions which included pain killers for my headaches and stiff back. In my early career, I had an office job which required 9 hours of continuous sitting which only worsened my whirl of chronic pain and anxiety attacks. Then, yoga came to my life in 2010. I started to practice physical poses of yoga as well as breathing techniques consistently. Slowly but surely yoga showed me a new way of living, pain and anxiety free.

Simply put, Yoga healed my chronic pain and anxiety attacks. After seeing the healing power of yoga, I decided to become a certified yoga teacher. I am passionate to share therapeutic effects of yoga with others' in need of relief and seeking support from an expert. Through my supportive guidance and deep knowledge on anatomy and chronic pain, as a team, we will transform your life. Inspired by my own transformation (away from chronic pain), I developed my own therapeutic method as a result of years of study, practice and teaching. Through yoga, I empower people to live a chronic pain and anxiety-free lives.

Andrew Marcus

Performer • Creative • School of Disappearance


Andrew Marcus founded Disappearance in 2010 to explore boundary space between the ordinary, the beautiful, and the sublime. Disappearance develops practices to effectively transcend such boundaries; to encourage experience of the magical and the erotic; and to unequivocally engage the real.  Marcus holds an MFA in Dance and Performance from Arizona State University.  His experiments with improvisation and somatic practices date to 1980, and he is active internationally.  The School Of Disappearance opened in 2013.
Previously, Marcus founded The Slow Training For Embodied Projects and Marcus Vesseur Moves with Wilma Vesseur (Netherlands) from 2007, toward alternatives to stage performance practice.  Between 2001-2010 he developed Sensation And Form, a physical approach to dance composition and Technique For A Soft Body, a synthesis of his studies of release techniques and contact improvisation.  From 1992-2001 he taught at the Experimental Theatre Wing at NYU/Tish School Of The Arts.
Influences include the post-modern choreographers Deborah Hay, Yvonne Rainer, and Steve Paxton among others and the experiments of the Judson Dance Theater and Grand Union inclusively; the somatic investigations of Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen; and current studies in continental philosophy and phenomenology, notably the work of Alain Badiou, Maurice Merleau-Ponty and Edmund Husserl; and the Situationist experiments of Guy Debord.