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Disappearance Alone. Anna K. Potter





Friday, September 20, 7pm; Saturday September 21, 7pm; Sunday, September 22, 4pm, $10

The performance(s) are approximately 40 minutes, with a brief conversation to follow, if you wish to stay.

Seating is limited. We have 15 places per night. Please reserve ahead.

DISAPPEARANCE ALONE is a solo performance series in which artists commission solo works from Andrew Marcus (Director of Andrew Marcus Disappearance and The School Of Disappearance) employing the Disappearance performance methodology.

Disappearance emphasizes the primacy of the sensory perceptual encounter, as negotiated by performers and audiences -- in recognition of anticipated and unanticipated elements comprising the situation as it unfolds in real time and presents to the engaged subject.

Disappearance solos are deeply personal, in that Marcus’ interest is the evocation and performatively effective framing of the commissioning artist’s deeper desires toward meetings with self, and world, engaging the real beyond traditional technical, choreographic, and performative strategies.

Anna K. Potter shows tremendous courage and skill in revealing aspects of her own body-mind/world never before seen in performance. Her physical precision, her discipline in following lines that are curiously compelling, and her emotional vulnerability will draw audiences into her world, or more precisely, into worlds emergent and participated in, by her, with us.

Andrew Marcus

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