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CLOSE LOOK: Meg Madorin

FloorSpace Studio presents a new series of solo dances:
One Artist
One Night
Coinciding with NoBo Art District First Fridays
Seating is limited
Doors open at 6:45pm
Parking on Street

May 3rd Artist is Meg Madorin, sharing her new work, lostandfound

lostandfound is a performance which asks questions about relationship, memory and time. Questions like: what to keep and what to give away? How long does it take to leave? Where will I go when I get there? Who will meet me when I’m ready to be seen? How much is worth sharing and what’s better left untouched? How much time is too much time? By placing this questioning as the main focus, further inquiry is developed about how or why we feel the need to seek answers. Within this work, time is spent trying to circumvent the urge to know and instead embracing uncertainty as the unavoidable beast that it already is.

photo by Miguel De Leon