Breath & Balance, a women’s movement class

Teacher - Julie Rothschild

Tuesdays • 9:00 - 10:00 am • 60 Minutes

A gentle movement class that focuses on alignment, balance, breath and flow. This class draws upon Contemporary Dance, Alexander Technique, Experiential Anatomy and Developmental Movement. Adaptable for those who need to work from a chair/stool. 

"I have learned to take advantage of every opportunity to study with Julie. Her expert observations and guidance have led to many of my personal breakthroughs and discoveries, and her teaching constantly inspires me to deepen my own physical awareness so that I may nurture and respect my whole self. She is an incredibly patient, sensitive, and understanding teacher, and her classes are invigorating retreats from the rest of my day that provide wonderful opportunity for both physical and mental self-exploration." K. Harms

Donation Based

photos by J. Akiyama