Yoga is Self Study by Didem Ergin

I listened Jack Kornfield's Heart Wisdom Podcasts every day when I go to work. In Buddhism, we are expected to practice self wisdom. The question of who we really are comes up every time. Who are we? How do we label ourselves? It is amusing to see our mind creating all sorts of labels for ourselves like I am an engineer, I am cyclist, I am a mother, I am a Democrat etc. But really who are we? Are we limited to this physical body? Or is there something deeper inside of us? 

Do you ever get that vast feeling of spaciousness when you look into Sky, or when you see an animal in nature like a deer in forest or a dolphin joyously swimming in ocean or a baby's smile or when you sit in silence and feel your heartbeat? Hopefully you experience it one way or the other. To me that's the glimpse of reality we touch to our True Nature, Our Oneness with the World. If we could feel we are not Separate from the Universe, it would make this World a peaceful place. It would make us closer to ourselves.

Yoga is one way to become intimate with ourselves. We practice self-study every time we return to our mats and practice yoga. We study our current state of body, mind and breath.  We become intimate with our struggles. We learn how to be compassionate to ourselves. In my class, I keep emphasizing my students I don't care if your foot can touch your head. What I really want to focus on how you deal with your emotions. The way you think about yourself throughout the practice.  Do you see this practice as a competitive sport? Do you keep hammering yourself because you couldn't do a certain pose. 

Yoga need to teach you self-care instead of becoming another thing on your to-do list. Yoga will teach you to listen yourself like when you need to tune it down or challenge yourself. When we put our bodies into stress by getting into these hard poses and teach the body to breath in this kind of situations, we teach our brain to breath in hard times in real life too. 

In my Tuesday classes, we practice basic poses with various variations because our bodies are different, they all have different needs. We learn to tune in with the body and release the stress/trauma/grief it has been holding for many years. We also practice poses calming the nervous system and preparing body for meditation. Then we finish our classes with my guided mindfulness meditation. By practicing these poses and mindfulness practice, we keep reflecting on the question of who we are. We find peace and joy in each other's company and realize we are not different than each other. We come from the same source of consciousness. 

We practice every Tuesday at 7 pm in Floorspace Studio. Why don't you join us if you crave for an intimate space where you are welcomed the way you are? We have a growing community with amazing mindful students. We always want more friends joining us. Write me with any questions on my Tuesday class at 

Julie RothschildComment