From the Floor - A New Year Begins

It's a New Year in FloorSpace Studio!

Time to look back and feel really good about where we are.

I signed the paperwork, taking ownership of the studio on April 1, 2014. Given an encouraging nudge from family and friends, this move, to own a studio space rather than rent, meant I was planting myself here a little more deeply than I had up to that point.

With this key, I have taken responsibility for maintenance and upkeep, insurance and utilities, scheduling and management. I am also committed to making and sustaining a movement space in this town.

Anyone who has been in FloorSpace understands right away what it’s limits are - it is small, only 500 sq feet.

Yet it is a small space with enormous potential for creativity and expansive learning.


I grew up on a farm in Ohio. I LOVED all of that space, and when my friends gave me a walkman as a gift one year, I put that thing on and pretended I was Kevin Bacon in Footloose. For real. I danced all over the place. Grasshoppers in the back corner of the farm taught me how to jump. Freezing temperatures paired with irrigation on the raspberry plants taught me about time and stillness. Mama goats giving birth in the middle of the night taught me a lot about sound. It was an enormous experience. And it came with responsibilities that, if not met, could have disastrous consequences.

FloorSpace isn’t a farm, but it is open space with big windows, so the outside comes in. I was lying on the floor in there the other evening, looking up at a new gift from a studio participant, a mobile with light feathers and it reminded me of being a teenager, lying on the ground and listening to the sounds of rural Ohio. FloorSpace has room for all of my memories as well as my imagination.

From the time I moved away from the farm, I have sought out dozens of studios to work in. And I have been invited to come in and get to work in some really beautiful and inspiring spaces. In Ohio, Kansas, Maryland, Illinois, New York, Germany, Virginia, Georgia, Ireland, Tennessee, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Mexico, California and in Colorado. The relationships I have made in all of these places, with so many dancers and teachers and students are lifelong. I do believe so much in the power of moving together with grace. Having been welcomed in to these spaces, it is an honor to be able to return the gesture.

I bought this studio for me - so I could experiment with my own ideas, so I could dance in my own time, so I could build a teaching practice and offer workshops, and perhaps performances. I also bought it for us. FloorSpace is now a movement home for teachers who have just begun to teach, and those who bring decades of experience, for dancers in need of a small space to work, for somatic practitioners who want to offer their students and clients a quiet place to explore, and for sharing creative and experimental work.  My visions for the future are percolating, visions that might begin to reveal themselves in this new year.

I don’t take my good fortune for granted. It is a dream to have my own space that I can share and it is comforting to know that it will never be more than what it is. FloorSpace Studio is a simple space in which to dance, to move, to play, to rest, to be.

I invite you to join us.

- Julie

Julie Rothschild, owner of FloorSpace Studio


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