Mindful Awareness & Meditation

Yes, mindfulness is a buzz word. In this learning community, you will discover why – it works!
And, it takes instruction, practice and other people to share your experience with so we can learn together. 
Tried mindfulness/ meditation before and it didn’t stick? – too hard, too conceptual, too touchy-feely?
The main practice of all mindful awareness practices is to “begin again” -  come see if this is for you, the first class is free!
What you will learn:
    •    Understand the neurobiology of your brain and why this matters
    •    Practical means to enhance your Emotional Intelligence (EI) … what is EI anyway?
    •    Build a meaningful relationship with yourself/others
    •    Reduce reactivity, irritability, anxiety, overwhelm
    •    Develop skills for stress resistance
    •    And so much more!