Feldenkrais in the New Year! with Laura Ann Samuelson

Five and a half years ago, I was in my last year of school at Hampshire College. I was dancing a ton, writing, and working on my thesis performance-- a project where myself and four other dancers shoved, threw, rolled and pushed 30 car tires all over the stage. I was anxious and drained a lot of the time, even though I loved everything I was doing. I was fueled with a kind of ambition that transformed from sheer giddiness to total panic in a matter of seconds— I would freeze, stay up all night trying to understand why I wasn’t living up to my own expectations, or exhaust myself working really hard on a minute detail that wasn’t all that important. I think this was the first time I noticed that the way I managed my desire to do well was making me less effective at doing what I wanted to do. 

A significant mentor of mine, Fritha Pengelly, was enrolled in a Feldenkrais Practitioner Training in New York and had begun to offer Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement Lessons as a student teacher. I began lessons with her once a week. Feldenkrais with Fritha created a kind of opening for me to see myself — how I moved through the world, how I initiated action, and where I was getting in my own way. The movements were slow with rests in between and were to be performed with ease. I was in less physical pain and I felt something inside me rewiring. I became a more intelligent dancer — able to sense parts of myself I had never noticed and able do so much more with less effort.  I also became a more intelligent person. I felt grounded. I made more effective choices. I was easier to be around and trusted myself. 

I am now enrolled in a Feldenkrais Practitioner Training under the educational direction of Alan Questel. I have been approved by Alan to offer public Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement Classes. They will start next Wednesday, January 6th. At Floorspace Studio. In North Boulder. And will continue on Wednesdays and Saturdays. The classes are drop-in. THEY ARE OPEN TO EVERYONE. TRULY.  Join me and let’s learn more about this work together.  

Are you interested in giving it a try? Or just want to have a conversation about it to learn more? Email me! lauraann.samuelson@gmail.com www.lauraannsamuelson.com

To learning, 

Laura Ann

Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement® Lessons Led by Laura Ann Samuelson

Wednesdays 6:30 - 7:30 PM  & Saturdays 12:30 - 1:30 PM

Classes run from 1/6/16 - 3/30/16 (No class on 1/16/16) 

Floorspace Studio, North Boulder

$12 Drop-in

or $60 Punch Card for six classes ($10 per class)  

"If you know what you are doing, you can do what you want." -Moshe Feldenkrais

The Feldenkrais® Method, developed by Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais, is a form of somatic education that uses gentle movements and attention to sensation as a means of better understanding how you move, think, and feel. In Awareness Through Movement® (ATM) Lessons, the student is verbally guided through patterns of movement that help them become aware of and move beyond habits that create pain, discomfort and/or physical difficulty. These classes are suitable for all, regardless of movement experience and/or physical limitation.