YOGA comes to FloorSpace!

I am delighted to bring yoga into the studio, at last!  Beth Goldmill begins offering her wonderful classes in August.  Beth is a Yoga Instructor, Energy Healer and Health Counselor.  She works with adults and teens, in groups as well as individually.  Her website is coming soon!  

Here are her offerings beginning August 2nd and 6th:

Teen Yoga, Sundays 3:30-4:45pm, donation based: Open to ages 13-18, this class will focus on strengthening and stretching the body and mind.  Learn tools for self-care, connection with others, and how to maintain more open, joyous states of being.

Women's Yoga, Sundays 5-6:15pm, $13 per class or $40 for 4 class card: This class is designed to work with the physiology and energetics of the female body-mind.  Emphasis will be on opening subtle layers of sensation and sensory awareness through yoga postures, free movement, breath work, and sounding. 

All Levels, Thursdays 6:15-7;45pm, $15 per class or $48 for 4 class card: In this all-levels class, we will work with yoga postures, breath and meditative techniques to enhance more expansive states of being.  By following the threads of sensation and subtle awareness, students will tap into an intimate sense of inner resource.  Class will always be tailored to the needs of whoever is present.